Angel Photography Studio

These are general questions that we receive often. 

How do you book?

Send a submission within the site or email

How long will it take to get my photos after my session is over? 

​Your full gallery will be finished within  2-4 weeks (3-4 weeks for seniors) of your session or 8-10 weeks for a wedding/special event.

How will I get my images/product?

We will email your gallery link from You will submit the numbers for your products and digital images through this link. Please do not message, text message or call with your order. In order to stay on track of orders, we need them all to come in from one source. 

What is a downloadable image?

The digital images that you will receive will come on a downloadable link. You will be able to download the high-resolution images directly from this link to any device you'd like. We have discontinued CDs due to many computers not being manufactured with CD readers anymore. The images that come from the link are the same exact images that you would have been on the CD or USB. Even better, you'll just have instant access to them! 

**We will be working on getting USBs available by the end of 2017 for our clients to purchase.**

How many photographers do you have? 

1! Just ole me :)